Monday, August 23, 2010

New Discovery on How to Lose that Stubborn Belly Fat

If you have that stubborn belly fat like I do then you should definitely try the blueberry diet. Recent scientific tests prove that adding blueberries into your everyday diet helps you get rid of the belly fat. The test was done on lab rats by mixing blueberry powder into their diet . They did tests on lab rats that ate fat high calories diets and those who maintained a healthy low fat diet. Those who were on high calorie diets and ate blueberries lost belly fat while those who just ate a high calories diet without eating blueberries had a higher percentage of fat around their stomach. Researchers say that if you eat in a low calorie diet and eat blueberries then you will see better results.
I lost about 1 inch of my waist using this diet for a month and by also doing some cardio work outs. I do about 30 min worth of cardio a day and eat as healthy as possible while still adding some of my favorite treats. I also think that you should try the 8 minute ab workout on youtube to get rid of the love handles!! I will be posting my before and after pictures after I get the results I want!!

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  1. WOW! Such an interesting post, thank you so much for sharing! I'm going to stock up on blueberries now, you give a lot of good tips on this blog. I really love it, I'm going to tell my girlfriends about it. Keep blogging!