Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Shopping

I got this shirt in a store called Topi Top in Lima, Peru for 22 soles.
approximately $7.00 . It has a tail on the back where the fabric is longer than the front.

Anthropologie Sweater at the store sale!
I had to get a Minnetonka Moccasin, it cost 40.00 but it was worth it. They are so
Grey Lace Up Booties. I got them at Forever 21 for 22.50!!
I got these brown oxfords from Big Buddha, they were 40.00! but worth every penny!!
Coach laptop bag for $30.00 at the Coach Outlet Store in The Crossings Outlet in


  1. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! I can't believe you got that sweater from Anthropologie for only 8 bux!!! And those oxfords are to DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!! Great post Shirlz :)