Saturday, September 25, 2010

Inside a womans purse

The interior of a purse is a little like peering into a womans mind and soul. The main items in my purse are definitely my ipod, blackberry, keys,wallet, and of course the calculator lol. I am currently enamored of my forever 21 purse that only cost me 29 dollars. It fits my Macbook and my books. It's amazing.  I love purses, and some of my favorite are ones that Vanessa Hudgens wears. I absolutely love them. We wear the purses for style but we each put our own individual characteristics inside them.


  1. LOVE this, I want to do an "inside my purse" post now lol! ;)

  2. very cool! you're right, the contents of a woman's purse are her soul! is that your bed? i love your sheets lol :)